When it comes to making contributions that count, United Society is a leader in charitable car donations. Our innovative vehicle donations program uses your car donations to improve and transform the lives of less fortunate citizens. When you donate a car to charity, your auto donations can be used in one of two ways. Some car donations are redistributed to eligible families, while the majority of car donations are resold to raise funding for the refurbishing and maintenance of other more suitable auto donations.

All vehicles will need auto insurance before they can be driven on the road.

Car donations come with both moral and financial rewards. Apart from the gratification that comes from doing something good, when you donate a car to charity you will also be eligible for a car donation tax deduction. As long as you donate your car to an IRS-approved non-profit charity (like United Society), all motor vehicle donations are essentially tax deduction donations.

A car donation to charity is one of the most effective ways you can give. United Society has seen first-hand how a new car can mean a new life for a struggling family. Few other contributions make the immediate positive impact of charitable car donations. Thousands of disadvantaged families are waiting and praying for help, so if you’ve got an unwanted vehicle and a strong desire to improve the lives of others, consider donating a car to United Society today.

Find out more about the advantages of donating your car:

  • Car donations are eligible for fair market value tax deductions under the new tax laws when donated to programs such as that offered by United Society.
  • Not only will you get the full tax deduction that you deserve for your charitable action, low-income families or other non-profit organizations that meet certain criteria can receive your donated vehicle.
  • When a donation is assured, United Society will take your information over the telephone or via our donation page, arrange for pickup of the vehicle, complete all requisite paperwork, and assure that your gift is distributed to truly disadvantaged families or other non profit organizations.

Based on the fact that the majority of donated vehicles are not eligible to be donated to disadvantaged families (United Society bases its decisions on many factors including, but not limited to, year, make, model, mileage, condition, location, recipient, repair and funding limitations.) and since placing a vehicle with a client is the exception rather than the rule, donors should assume that their vehicle will be sold at an auction or for salvage with the proceeds returning to United Society. Although most of the vehicles donated are not of sufficient quality to be refurbished for a needy family, United Society appreciates each and every car donation as they all help to fulfill our missions!